Level 4 course

Level 4 course


Level 4 course by Myrna Lewis – founder Lewis Method of Deep Democracy

We are excited and very pleased to announce that Myrna Lewis, founder of the Lewis method of Deep Democracy, agreed to our invitation to run a level 4 course Deep Democracy. Myrna is living in Australia now and it will be one of those very rare occasions to work with her.

We know that there are many people waiting to jump to this opportunity… If you like to join, clear your calendar and make sure to sign up fast!

The Level 4 course focuses on gaining a deeper understanding of yourself especially in relation to conflict, projection and role theory. Course participants are required to complete an I-Know-Me assessment questionnaire and receive a one-on-one feedback (skype). In addition the course will hone your Deep Democracy and meta-skills.

Getting to know Myrna Lewis: http://deepdemocracy.nl/wat-is-deep-democracy/myrna-lewis/


Prerequisite: Level 3 & IKM assessment

Designed for: DD practitioners

Duration and dates: 3 day course 21-22-23 June 9.00 – 17.00

Where: Drakenburg, Baarn www.drakenburg.nl

Language: english. Do not hesitate. We will take it slow and will help each other out if your are having troubles finding the exact phrase sometimes…

Costs: € 1.600,- including individual IKN assesment and feedback session.

Group: maximum of 18 people. The I-Know-Me assessment questionnaire will be done individually by Skype.